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THANK YOU for considering the services of Rita Campbell MA, Certified Blood Type/Homotoxicology Practitioner:

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Starting a relationship with a counselor is a major decision.  You may have many questions. This document is intended to inform you of my PRACTICE, POLICIES and YOUR RIGHTS.  As questions and concerns arise, please jot them down so we can address them when we talk again.  


I am a WELLNESS PRACTITIONER for greenWorks, Washington DC.   My undergraduate EDUCATION began at Brown University where primary interests ranged from Cultural Anthropology to Religious Studies.  After earning a Bachelors degree, I received a MASTERS in HOLISTIC COUNSELING at Salve Regina University.  My PROFESSIONAL SPECIALITIES include CERTIFICATION-BLOOD TYPE GENETICS PRACTITIONER from the Southwest College, Institute of Human Individuality as well as CERTIFICATION-HOMOTOXICOLOGY from the College of BioEnergetics with special skills in Applied Kinesiology.  A CERTIFICATION-PUBLISHING PROCEDURES from the Radcliffe-Harvard Institute informs writing projects. 

As noted above, my work in applied Kinesiology aka muscle-testing aka dowsing is driven by the genetics of Blood Type and Body, Mind, Spirit Detoxification Protocols via Homeopathics, Nutrition, Flower Essences and Microbial Balancers.

Currently, PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS include the American Counseling Association, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, the New England Holistic Counselors Association, the American Society of Dowsers,  and the Naya Energy Healing Group ( ).

In my PERSONAL TIME, I seek balance through self-care routines including daily meditation, yoga, and chi kung as well as strength training, hiking, biking, swimming, gardening, among other activities.   To bring sustainable habits into my lifestyle, I am mindful about composting, recycling and working with Nature Intelligence while learning about and incorporating other earth-friendly ways.

The BENEFITS OF HOLISTIC LIVING are all about the returns on the investment in your self.  I encourage a process of healing as an Inside-Out job.  This shift requires you to take back authority you have lost to regain control of your healing process.

Given POINTS OF ENTRY inspired by principles of personal empowerment, the individual becomes proactive about self care.  As a result, progress becomes a function of personal time management and commitment.   Your healing becomes a matter of how
fully you embrace the healing protocols into your daily life.

The HOLISTIC PERSPECTIVE AND LANGUAGE differs from the mainstream idiom.  I do not treat the client.  I engage the client in an interactive educational process to broaden awareness.  I introduce the client to resources.   In all cases, the client must find the motivation from within to proceed with lifestyle changes.  To inspire the self-starter that lies within each of us, I offer homework such as meditation, yoga and/or body work to open consciousness to shifts in perspective i.e. to recognize what ‘personal healthcare’ includes then recognize what behaviors must change to assume the responsibility for one’s healthcare.  Spa Treatment as an occasional indulgence drains financial resources and will not do the healing trick.  Daily self-care ritual, at home and wherever you find yourself, is the Spa Treatment that gets results.     

At any time, you are welcome to withdraw from the relationship. You are in charge.  You may act on as much of the education that I convey as you can manage.   You are invited to experiment with all healing protocols that I share.  I ask that you consume only pure water, organic blood type compatible foods, homeopathics, flower essences and microbial balancing solutions.  These substances are free from harmful dyes, preservatives, herbicides or pesticides. Also, seek withdrawal from other toxic habits and pharmaceutical protocols.   

If you are disturbed by any philosophy or guidance that I share, please express your discomfort to me directly.  Let’s make every effort to negotiate a course of action to address your concerns.  Protecting one’s boundaries is the core of ‘taking back one’s authority’.

In the process of healing, there are RISKS AND BENEFITS:  There is a risk of remembering unpleasant events that may arouse strong emotional feelings.  Though introspective work can perturb relationships with significant others, the benefits may be an improved ability to relate to others and to yourself  i.e. a clearer understanding of self, values and goals.  In the physical realm, other benefits include:
relief from premature aging including chronic pain and disease; increased brain function such as pace of reading, comprehension and
memory as well as deepened sleep and increased energy. And, with the knowledge of how to release the burdens on one’s immunity, the client “owns” improved stress management skills reclaiming a sense of well being, confidence and security.  

Also, note that, with detox, there is potential for HEALING CRISIS.  Though mitigated by kinesiology and the latest in homeopathic and nutritional drainage remedies, there may be episodes of discomfort as toxins and/or emotional burdens are released from your PEMS i.e. your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dimensions.  

Contact me if you experience any difficult moments in this process; so, I may help you evaluate the source.  In this way, you can secure support in order to refrain from the use of substances such as aspirin, antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals that might hinder your progress.  Instead of adding synthetic pollutants, we can identify other remedies to ease stressful drainage experiences.  

As well, I uphold the following:

All verbal communications, emails, clinical records and notes are confidential excluding the following circumstances:
Mandated reporting of physical or sexual abuse of children/ Threats of suicide or homicide/ Cases in which a client signs a Release of Information/ Information necessary to be shared for supervision or consultation with other professional colleagues on behalf of the client’s needs/  Other information as required by the laws governing the District of Columbia.

Payment is to be made at the closing time of service by cash, check or money order at the rate of $60 per ½ Hour.
Payment for nutritional supplements may be made online, in advance or on receipt of products ordered.  

If the client changes his/her mind, a re-stocking fee may be charged to cover S&H.

Regarding appointments: Sessions may range from 30 minutes to several hours. If an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled, please call, at least, 24 hours before the appointment.  If an appointment becomes a ‘no show’ or is cancelled within 24 hours of the agreed date and time, a Cancellation Fee of $15 will be charged to be paid at the close of the next appointment.  



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FREE 60 min CONSULT ($120 Value) with purchase of BLOOD TYPE Basics Kit ($109 Value) within 15 days of first consult or first purchase.

FREE 30 min CONSULT ($60 Value) with purchase of SECRETOR STATUS Test ($35 Value) within 15 days of first consult or first purchase.


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