Flower Essences R True Flower Power

While working with flower essences as a healing tool, many times my mind returns to the Flower Power I claimed to know in the 60's.   I am reminded that I only knew the superficial Flower Power of the graphic bikini swung by Laugh In's Go-Go Girl, Goldie Hawn, and what I could gather from the Woodstock media of the day.

But, every time I experience the shifts of consciousness that heal the body, mind and spirit, I am thrilled to be privy to the palpable reality of the subtle work that flower essences do to re-connect broken electrical circuits of our trauma, moving us along on our evolutionary paths of healing.

To learn how you can use flower essences to recover balance and stability after emotional trauma, read FLOWER ESSENCES by Machaelle Small Wright.  To open your heart to the knowledge that lies within each plant that graces this planet, see the documentary, THE SECRET LIFE OF PLANTS at, and read the following eponymous lyrics by Stevie Wonder from the score of that film:

I can't conceive the nucleus of all
Begins inside a tiny seed
And what we think as insignificant
Provides the purest air we breathe

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being
For these are but a few discoveries
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants

A species smaller than the eye can see
Or larger than most living things
And yet we take from it without consent
Our shelter, food, habilment

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being
For these are but a few discoveries
Wwe find inside the Secret Life of Plants

But far too many give them in return
A stomp, cut, drown, or burn
As is they're nothing
But if you ask yourself where would you be
Without them you will find you would not

And some believe antennas are their leaves
That spans beyond our galaxy
They've been, they are and probably will be
Who are the mediocrity

But who am I to doubt or question the inevitable being
For these are but a few discoveries
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants
For these are but a few discoveries
We find inside the Secret Life of Plants

by Stevie Wonder


Energy bars are a great source to give children greater depth of nutrition without losing the fun and sweet that kids crave. Try the Active Greens Organic Food Bar, the Chocolate GREENSPlus Bars, Larabars, the Nectar Bars by Clif, Mauk Family Farms Breakfast Crusts.

Without embellishments, they're great; but, with a variety of nut butters such as Almond, Macadamia, Walnut, Coconut (related but not the same as Coconut oil), they reach another level of delightfully delicious. Try layering the bars with shredded coconut, cocoa nibs, banana slices, granola, sugarFREE slabs of chocolate, etc for a special cuisinART. Some of the above listed options are available at this website.

Also, to eliminate childhood food allergies, skin conditions, weight gain, acne and/or diminished immunity in children, consider keeping all foods blood type compliant. If you are suspicious of the blood type genetics concept, do the experiment for yourself first and watch many of your chronic health issues disappear.

Foods can turn on and off genetic markers. See the list of foods compatible with your blood type in LIVE RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE by Peter D'Adamo, ND. He is one among others who have contributed to blood type and genome research over the past 100 years.


Atomize Essential Oils

Consider building a collection of essential oils for a variety of applications. Create a blend for your collection of atomizers as non-toxic solutions to disinfect your hands, as bathroom air cleaners, as your bug repellant or just to clear a musty space or lift your spirits while driving or working at your desk.

Experiment by emulating combinations that you find in over the counter products. For instance, the labels on the Aura Cacia line have blends and recipes to address different objectives.

Mom Fed Up? Or, Not Fed?

I don't know what to do. I am totally losing it. My son argues about everything, whether it be with me,my daughter or his dad. He doesn't want to do what I tell him to do. If it isn't his he doesn't want to pick it up. He gets extremely upset when his sister takes something he wants or example "he made a toy out of his legos and later she picked it up and threw it down and broke it, she didn't know she is only 2 yrs. old. Well he got extremely upset and started crying and was mad with her. He is 5 and will be 6 in a couple of weeks. She will be 3 next week.Just now I asked him to get to sandwich bags so I can put some marshmellows in there for him and his sister. He was getting upset because there is only one. He also can be very hyper active and makes a lot of noises just to be doing it. He talks very loud. We tell him to speak with a softer voice but it doesn't help. I try so hard to be calm but I am having such a hard time doing that.

On top of that I am bipolar so I am also emotional and at times it's very hard to control my temper. I know some of the emotional behavior he may have gotten from me but then again he could be just like me. What to do!!! We are taking him to the dr. We may have him checked for ADHD and also have the therpist talk with him. I really do feel that there is something upsetting him but he doesn't know how to express himself. I also know that he is very jealous of his sister. He feels we love her more than him.

I have told him several times that I love him just as much as her. I think he may be somewhat upset with his dad. My husband is very lovable with our daughter and talks about how pretty she is, how smart, just compliments. James listens to these things. I have told my husband over and over you have to watch that. James is watching and he feels less loved. I can't seem to get thru to the husband. Others that I know has seen it but they haven't told him that. With it coming from me it doesn't believe me. I just don't know what to do. Please help in any way you can. Thanks for reading.
Signed: am 37 and married to fairly good man. I won't say he's perfect because all men make mistakes but he doesn't cheat,go to bars, ect. He comes home like a family man should do. We have two beautiful children. I am a SAHM and I also work part-time after my husband gets home from work.

Consider exhausting all of the nutritional approaches to emotional havoc around the house before visiting an allopath.  Mainstream medicine can sometimes be quick to prescribe Ritalin, Prozac and other pharmaceuticals before evaluating the depth of nutrition as well as the emotional backstory to everyone's behavior in the family system of communication. 

For instance, by not acknowledging your request that he not praise your daughter so much in front of your son, thereby aggravating an already difficult situation, he may be in a passive aggressive behavior pattern that is beneath his conscious awareness.  This pattern may be a dysfunctional imprint inherited from his family or it may be tied to issues between you two.

But, before doing BigPharm, try blue green algae.  I had a terrible case of depression in my 20's until I succumbed to a nutritionist's prodding that I try blue green algae.  I hit the ceiling with energy and have not experienced negative ideation over 30 years since making that connection.  I am a blood type A, non-secretor and deep nutrition is essential for maintaining emotional balance or my blood type.  Algae is an adaptogen.  If you are hyper, you calm. If lethargic, you become activated.
Another area that warrants exploration is aligning your family's nutritional intake with foods that are blood type compatible.  You can avoid building lectins on your immune system's receptor sites if you eat according to your blood type. As well, each blood type has a nutritional decoy that can prevent the build up of lectins as well as scrub accumulated agglutinins off of receptor sites so the immune system can address other issues such as preventing allergic reactions, premature wrinkling, weight gain, high cholesterol, etc.

As well, you may want to evaluate whether there are any environmental toxins that may be in the house or that may have been exposed to your family members at some point in the past.  An example are the heavy metals i.e. the mercury in dental amalagams that can leach into and get trapped by the body's fatty tissues then stunt neuronal growth in the brain.  Just imagine the long term consequences of that phenomena... Alzheimers among other issues, learning disabilities, motor function disorders, mental illness, etx.

Oh there's so much more. In conjunction with increasing the depth of nutrition in your household, review the options I describe at the site to pursue simple measures to diagnose then detox chemical, microbial and emotional burdens that may be underlying causes to irritable, angry behavior. 

The study of detoxing the body is called homotoxicology.  Toxic behaviors can and most times do have multiple sources of causation; but, it's wise to take one step at a time and beware of the instant gratification that pharmaceuticals offer.  The long term consequences are inevitable side effects and, if you're lucky enough to recognize the need for detox, it's just a another layer of work that has to be addressed.

Our BODIES, Our SELVES: Our Spiritual Salvation?

What other purpose is more important in this journey than healing one's spirit? In the end that's what we are at the core.  Spirit: what we bring into the world and what we have when we leave.  In my estimation, we might just be on the Planet to recognize that healing our bodies, our selves is the door to healing our spiritual selves, our most important goal.  All else pales and are mere distractions to our real purpose for Being Human.

Health Insurance Secures False Hopes

Health insurance will not secure your future.  Only you have the power to heal.  You will never find your power bouncing pillar to post gathering advice from others.  Your access to higher consciousness and the resources to heal is an inside-out job.  But, you must take the leap of faith that your daily meditation will summon what you need. Do the experiment.  The rewards are remarkable.  Be still. Just breathe. 

Healing Herpes Zoster

"... it was shown that a person with shingles (also known as herpes zoster) can pass the varicella-zoster virus to others, but these individuals would develop chickenpox instead of shingles. Therefore, a person with shingles cannot transmit shingles to another person. In other words, in order for a person to develop shingles, he or she must already harbor the chickenpox virus in the nervous system. When this virus becomes active again, the individual will develop shingles. So, to sum it up, shingles are contagious to people that have not had chickenpox. They are not contagious without contact to the individual. The most at risk are children. Shingles are contagious under certain circumstances."

That is the mainstream take on Herpes Zoster.  Though it sounds grim, there is hope. The equation is that we need to unload all burdens on the immune system (including heavy metals, Candida, emotional issues even those beneath our conscious awareness) then miraculous healing can emerge.  Read my full story: click on About Us then click CLIENT ORIENTATION.

Though the task may seem daunting, consider taking the process one step at a time. Down the road, when your system is free of a torture that can only get worse with drugs and vaccines, you will be proud and happy that you invested in your personal self-care.  As well, that investment in the vehicle that holds the spirit, is your path to a more authentic love, compassion and care.... an unconditional love.

It might follow that unconditional pure love, characterized by total mindfulness of the details in your relationship with others, is part of the process of becoming. It is this 'becoming and growing' into the consciousness of the details of one's own self-care that, for me, was deconstructing to heal 'self'. This, subsequently, transforms the spirit and installs the tools to serve in the healing of others.  Bottom line, love is the field from which all healing flows.  

What other purpose is more important in this journey than healing one's spirit? In the end that's what we are at the core.  Spirit: what we bring into the world and what we have when we leave.  In my estimation, we might just be on the Planet to recognize that healing our, our selves is the door to healing our spiritual selves, our most important goal.  All else pales and are mere distractions to our real purpose for Being Human.

Eczema Daunts Daughter


My 7 month daughter has been diagnosed with eczema by her pediatrician...although the pediatrician did not exactly examine it. She instructed me to use a hydrocortisone cream and moisturizer. My daughter has red areas in the creases of her arms, back of her legs behind the knees and under her chin. It began a little after 5 months in the crease of her left arm and then began showing up in other areas. I have tried everything on it to clear it up from heavy duty moisturizers, anti-fungal creams, neosporin, etc and the only thing that seems to make it any better is a barrier cream. If I use the heavy duty moisturizers (Aveeno, Aquaphor, Eucerin and pure shea butter), it gets red and worsens. As soon as I go back to using a barrier cream (Butt Paste or Desitin) it is severely reduced in redness and lessens. Has anyone had any experience with this type of situation? My concern is that the doctor never truly examined the skin, just gave the diagnosis in passing and all of the reading and information I can find says that the hydrocortisone and heavy moisturizers should do the trick when all they seem to do is worsen it.


The medical mainstream treats the symptoms tied to Eczema and other chronic conditions. This is a good time to learn about the healing power of nutrition.  The equation is that if you release the toxic burdens on the immune system then the body will heal. I have witnessed this for myself and others many times. For example, burdens that may create this condition include the leaching of heavy metals from amalgam fillings or environmental toxins from other sources that get tied up in the fatty tissues. Lectins build up on receptor sites of the immune system from eating foods incompatible with your blood type.  Since your daughter is 7 months, if you smoke or drink or have lived with off-gassing from carpets or a new car, you may have conveyed burdens through your genetic blueprint.  But, drainage remedies can release toxins deep within the cell structure and even your mitochondria. See more knowledge base on how to take action by strengthening filtering organs with botanicals and draining metals, Candida and related parasites, viruses and bacteria with homeopathic detoxifiers at

An EQUATION 2 Consider


To "jump your start", intially use targeted nutrition to release toxic burdens from your PEMS (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) dimensions to allow your immune system, once relieved of its overload, to bring your system back into balance.

Those burdens might include:

ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS such as heavy metals, chemicals and radiation that stunt the brain’s neuronal growth and act as hormone disruptors in your endocrine system;

BLOOD TYPE LECTINS acquired over the years from consuming foods incompatible with your blood type;

SYSTEMIC CANDIDIASIS, a fungus that radiates mycelia, by diminishing metabolic results in a constellation of symptoms including weight gain, arthritis, high cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, brain dysfunction, This fungus results from the erosion of beneficial gut flora due to the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol & other recreational drugs and/or pharmaceuticals, mercury deposits that build up in fatty tissues from dental amalgams and environmental toxins from breathing tons of suspended metro area particulate matter from all transport & lawncare equipment exhaust, coal burning plants, home building & repair products, etc

and, EMOTIONAL TRAUMAS that include PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from parental emotional and/or physical abandonment, accidents, wartime experiences, molestation and rape, etc, all imprints that stunt optimum functionality and high performance in the design and fulfillment of a balanced and stable life experience. offers the blood type dietary recommendations that detox the burden of lectins from your immune system. When you wash your cells with blood type compatible foods, genetic markers are not turned on that might otherwise express predisposed inherited chronic disease. Your immune system is, consequently, freed up to address areas that are troublesome i.e. brain fog, weight gain, hair loss, high cholesterol, diminished eyesight, cold sores, etc, all symptoms tied to age and trauma related issues. offers potent blue green algae that ties up heavy metals and toxins to improve brain function such as pace of reading, comprehension and retention as well this deep nutrition relieves depression and suicidal ideation, ADD/ADHT, increases energy, improves sleep while consolidating the circadian cycle. This food is an excellent first step to strengthen filtering organs in preparation for a more extensive detox processes.

If one is consistent and diligent in consuming the blood type correct foods and related supplements in tandem with a course of blue green algae, the above points of entry can provide stunningly dramatic improvements simply by deepening nutrition. Bottom-line, you will be energized to recognize then clear other resistances that dampen optimum functionality such as emotional traumas and related physical limitations that unfold in your evolutionary process of healing.

Energy Healing Options 2 Consider

At the above link, Dr Bartlett's guide to healing transformations through the "Matrix" is eerily close to what I want to convey to my clients with regard to the work I've been doing with Conings. (At least, at first blush, his language is super congruent.)

I am interested in attending his workshops to understand how he has packaged such extremely metaphysical stuff into a format that can be digested by the average bear.

Unfortunately, I think the mainstream probably couldn't get past the lexicon at his Home Page. I think an initiate for the energetic work he is sharing has to be at a certain level of consciousness to even be attracted to him much less follow his invitation and feel compelled to delve further.

Maybe Bartlett has discovered a NASCAR approach to transformational healing. BTW, his program is very similar to other energetic systems including TongREN, Sukyo Mahikari and maybe even Reiki, though practitioners of the former systems say that Reiki is not in their league.

I have tried and can vouch for its power to release burdens from one's etheric realm to expedite healing in this dimension. I will report on my experience with the Matrix as well as TongREN. I think we're all due for a comparative analysis of energy healing systems.

A good place to review a host of legitimate practitioners is at the August 2009 American Society of Dowsers Conference at the Killington Ski Resort, VT

u b well!

Obama, still smoking?

To add to the previous thread regarding the damage that heavy metals do to neuronal growth and, consequently, to brain function, we have to ask our President Obama to be all he can be by refraining from the smoking habit.

At this age, it would be a really tough withdrawal; so, I'd propose a detox sabbatical after the Stimulus Package gives the country a defibrillating jolt.
Let Biden run the show; so, Obama can drain, not only the toxins in his tissues but also the emotional seed that compels him to self-destruct by nicotine.

As a result, the President can return to a higher level of functionality so we can trust that he's operating with a closer-to- optimum logic. (Certainly, there's a lot more work to do than what one sabbatical can offer.)

Right now, I can't understand how we can direct money to the same ole dysfunctional guys in the Auto Industry, Banking and on Wall Street when so much talent is readied with alternative technologies at the doorstep trying to deliver retrofit solutions to fossil fuel driven engines and homes.

Could be those heavy metals talkin', not only from Obama's brain cells; but, also, from all the decision makers on the Hill (and beyond). Remember, even if they're not smoking cigarettes, they're breathing the metal-laden air and indulging in cocktail driven politics. One might ask, so with what municipal clarity are 'we the people' left?


FREE 60 min CONSULT ($120 Value) with purchase of BLOOD TYPE Basics Kit ($109 Value) within 15 days of first consult or first purchase.

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