Prison Reform Thru Yoga Training

For a three-for-one value, consider an alternative to weight training for the incarcerated. Yoga builds mind, body and spirit. Pumping iron builds bodies and the potential for 'roid rage' via testosterone overload.

Can't Sleep?

Just heard that 50% of the population can't sleep. That information prompted the notion that probably 99% of us aren't aware of the impact that heavy metals have on neuronal growth. And, in light of the tons of particulate matter being spewed into the air by industry, trucking, cars, trains and buses, we are ingesting a host of noxious gases and metals such as tungsten, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, among others.

Bottomline, at , a Holistic Dentistry link, take a look at how heavy metals leached from dental amalgams stunts neuronal growth in the brain to get an inkling of the damage that must take place from the load of metals we inhale on our daily outings. At this point, the repercussions are exponential.


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