7 Stage Healing Plan

Guiding Principle

As toxic burdens are released from your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual (PEMS) Dimensions, the immune system (including one’s psycho-neuroimmunological function) can begin to do the job of returning the individual to balance.    

The following are guidelines that lead you into a cleansing program that addresses all dimensions.  One dimension cannot be addressed without impacting all others.

The study of the effects of toxins on the human body is called HOMOTOXICOLOGY.  Principles of homotoxicology were employed in the design of this healing plan.  Tools that serve this plan include homeopathics, nutritionals, microbial balancers, body work and spiritual cleansing to strengthen, detox and rebuild the matrix of systems that is the human being.

Stage 1

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION with NAP (North American Pharmacal products); Blood & GenoTYPE compatible Food Choices to eliminate old lectins and prevent creation of new lectins; Identify and eliminate foods damaging to your PEMS (your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions)  i.e. processed sugars, flours, preservatives, dyes, herbicides, pesticides, et.al   As well, withdraw from oral and topical consumption of recreational and pharmacological drugs including all hormone disruptors i.e. birth control, HRT, steroids, etc.  
( Read LIVE RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE by Peter D'Adamo ND, THE YEAST SYNDROME by John Parker Trowbridge MD, THE BODY ECOLOGY DIET by Donna Gates and related texts.)  

Kinesiology test to integrate timing for mind-body work. This guides you to the self-care rituals that serve your healing intentions.  A daily practice includes various forms of study/meditation, percussive massage, skin brushing, exercise, yoga, aromatherapy, detox baths, far-Infared sauna, aqua chi, OxygenSpa, et.al
(Find instructions for kinesiology testing at www.perelandra-ltd.com.  See suggested reading at website.)

Stage 2

MICROBIAL BALANCING:  Introduce the MICROBIAL BALANCING SOLUTIONS available at www.perelandra-ltd.com to stabilize and balance the microbial terrain of all internal and external organs including the atmospheric space around your body. These solutions support your microbes as transitional shifts occur during the tissue cleansing process.  By integrating microbial balancers, you are less likely to experience a cleansing crisis that can occur if your filtering organs have not been fortified and strengthened before drainage of toxins and/or harmful microbes. 

Stage 3

NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTATION:  Immerses your cells in a nutrient rich environment. For instance, as we reach middle age, we no longer produce Co Enzyme Q10 through internal metabolic processes.  To return to optimal metabolic efficiency, cells require therapeutic levels of nutrition to stimulate tissue cleansing.  As well, Blood Type compatible nutrition turns off the genetic markers for the chronic disease to which your heredity is predisposed. (See www.northamericanpharmacal.com/jamaffiliates/jrox.php?id=488_1_tlid_3 for your blood type foundational foods and www.teamnewearth.com/greenrita/Home for Super Blue Green Algae that energizes you to stay on track with your healing intentions while tying up heavy metals and related environmental toxins.)

Stage 4

STRENGTHEN & REBUILD: Kinesiology Test for the physicaEnergetics.com line of homeopathic detoxifiers, spagyric botanicals, Chinese Herbal Blends and Essential Oils to strengthen and rebuild filtering organs.  Contact Rita Campbell, your blood type practitioner, for the www.physicaEnergetics.com line of drainage remedies. 

Begin by eliminating foods and other substances (sugars, dyes, preservatives,  amalgams, other blood type incompatibles) that promote cellular mutation and/or the replication of harmful microbes including viruses, fungi, bacteria and related parasites in the gastrointestinal tract and tissues.

Click here to see the physicaEnergetics nutrition categorized by challenges to your health

Stage 5

RELEASE & DRAINAGE:  Kinesiology Test for the physicaEnergetics.com homeopathics, spagyric botanicals, and blood type nutrition to drain harmful microbes (fungi, viruses, bacteria, protozoa, etc.), heavy metals, and other environmental toxins. If Systemic Candidiasis is a culprit, go full bore into the Candida Cleanse foods and supplements to release and drain the fungal overload and its symbiotic microbial family.

Click here for partial list of physicaEnergetics with brief description by indication

Contact Rita Campbell to identify what nutriceuticals will serve your intentions and to tailor therapeutic dosages to your needs.

Stage 6

THE MICROBIAL BALANCING PROGRAM:  Telegraph Test is an anatomical screening process that identifies  compromised areas in your entire electrical system and all related realms of your PEMS (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) dimensions.  Once identified, areas of trauma can be repaired with a system of Flower Essences and Microbial Balancers to re-establish optimal balance, stability and, subsequently, functionality. When the vehicle that carries your spirit is operating smarter not harder, you conduct your experience in this dimension in a manner that is smarter not harder.   (See www.perelandra-ltd.com for The Microbial Balancing Program Manual.)

Contact Rita Campbell to identify what nutriceuticals will serve your intentions and to tailor therapeutic dosages to your needs.

Stage 7

ESOTERIC TUNING: This cleansing protocol releases blocks, soul attachments, negative entities and other burdens held by the auric field. Etheric hindrances can sabotage motivation and expeditious movement in the soul's evolutionary process of healing.  This cleansing tool may be integrated at any time.  I think this is the wisest first step in any healing program as pre-emptive support for the individual. As a result of the ego's arrogance, most are anxious to dive into nutritional healing before properly preparing themselves for the journey.  Most feel confident that they are not of the population hindered by these issues beneath conscious awareness.  By contrast, a spiritual cleansing as the first point of entry will ensure a less fettered tissue cleansing experience and increase the likelihood that healing intentions will be attained. See www.perelandra-ltd.com and www.dowsers.org as points of entry for spiritual, DNA and related clearing of past- or present-life trauma. (Remember…Tools of the Shaman are available to all who are diligent in study, consistent in the application of knowledge and compelled to seek the Light.)

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